Thattarkadavu Bridge

Thattarkadavu Bridge


Thattarkadavu Bridge connects Payyanur Town to Trikaripur Town. After opening of ThattarKadavu bridge people from Vellur, Karivellur, Thaineri can easily travel to Trkaripur and reach Trikaripur Railway station in short time. If going to Cheruvathur or any other place after Trikaripur from Thaineri then this route is truely a boon.

Chief Engineer:

  • Sri T Baburaj
  • Sri P.K Satheesan


  • Sri M.Sreekantan Nair


  • 5 x 22.32 m

There is a serene natural presence around the bridge. The view from the bridge is dazzling as in the pictures posted and best enjoyed for an evening for some calm and peaceful atmosphere with lush greenery around it.

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