Taj Mahal Itinerary


This is my story on my visit to Taj Mahal. Anyone who visits Taj is sure to be moved by its beauty and the tranquility it offers. I think its the history and every inch symbolizing the existence of true and everlasting love that gives it the charm. If you are visiting Delhi then a trip to Taj is something you must not miss. If you’d like to enjoy its real beauty and get immersed in its wonder, I’d definitely recommend a solo trip ūüôā

This is a small Taj Mahal visit itinerary you can follow.

After landing in Delhi I booked Swarna Shatabdi Express to Agra (Taj is situated here). Reaching Taj Mahal via Delhi is easy by this train and recommended. It leaves New Delhi at 06:00 AM and reaches Agra Cantt railway station (the nearest railway station to Taj Mahal) at 08:00 AM. Its the best train for you if you are moving from Delhi. Its having the perfect departure and arrival timing and is 99% never late. Breakfast is provided for free on board. For a one day plan you can opt for the below train. Go to irctc.co.in to book these tickets.

From Delhi to Agra

Train Number & Name  : 12002/New Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express

Time taken:                   : 2 hours & 10 mins

Boarding Station Name: NDLS (New Delhi Railway Station)

Destination Station      : AGRA CANTT (Agra Cantonment)

Time                            : 06:00 AM (IST)

From Agra to Delhi

Train Number & Name  : 12001/Bhopal-New Delhi Shatabdi Express

Time taken                    : 2 hours & 10 mins

Boarding Station Name: AGRA CANTT (Agra Cantonment)

Destination Station      : NDLS (New Delhi Railway Station)

Time                             : 08:30 PM (IST)

So here we go. With our onward and return planned lets move on to the trip. After you get down at Agra Cantt station first and foremost ensure that if you are carrying any small bag with camera, mobile and valuables then wear it in front of you. Two things to watch out: monkeys and thieves.

Taj is near 2km from tge station. You can Take a taxi or an autorickshaw. Auto is a good option and they will take you for a tour of all the places worth visiting and the sights are awesome. The cost for a basic one comprising Taj, Fort, market etc is Rs.300 and Rs.250 if you bargain properly and is totally worth the money if there are 2 to 3 guys in total. When you reach Taj ask at the shops for a shoe cover. Keep it with you cause it will be helpful later. You need not submit your shoe at the counter instead you just need to cover your shoes with that. Then you can enter through the first gate after taking tickets.


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