Thattum Vellatam

Payyanur Thattum Vellatam Theyyam
Thattum Vellatam Thankayam

What is it?

Thattum vellatam at Madathinkeezhil Vairajathaka Kshethram, Thankayam. The theyyam after initial ceremony goes for a spree all around the temple knocking everyone on the way. It is rumored that the one who is knocked in the beginning will die before the next vellatam after three years (which obviously is only a myth). It portrays a very powerful image of the lord Shiva depicting his anger on the Theyyam’s expressions and face art.


The story

Daksha’s (son of Brahma) pet daughter Sati fell in love with Lord Shiva and wanted to marry him. Daksha was against this as Shiva wasn’t considered as royal and eligible enough for his daughter. Meanwhile, Sati considered lord Shiva as the supreme god after multiple tapas got married to him against her father’s will.

Dakshan’s anger grew when Shiva didn’t stand up as a sign of respect for one of the yagna he had conducted when he arrived. One day when Dakshan conducted a yagna to which he didn’t invite Shiva and Sati. Sati tried to force Shiva to attend it but he denied saying that it’s not ethical to go univited but gave permission to Sati for attending the yagna. On Sati’s arrival, Daksha insulted her multiple times which forced her to jump into the yagna fire because of sadness resulting in her death.


When Shiva came to know of this, he was deeply pained and later became very angry at Daksha. With uncontrollable anger he plucked a lock of hair from his head, smashed it onto the ground and stomped with all his anger. It split and out of it two ferocious armed beingsĀ  Virabhadra (Vairajathan – born out of anger) and Bhadrakali were born. Shiva instructed them to disrupt the ongoing yagna and kill Daksha. They both went to the yagna, set fire to it, killed many gods who were present there and beheaded Daksha.

The Vairajathan Theyyam depicts the armed being highlighting Shiva’s anger carrying a shield and sword.


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