Kawayi Beach

After crossing Kawai river you can find the sprawling serene Kawai beach. Its a very calm beach without much human intervention and wastes.

Kavvaayi Backwaters
Kavayi Beach Payyanur

The Kavvayi Backwater¬† is the third largest backwater in Kerala. It’s also the largest one in northern Kerala. Locally called as Kavvayi Kayal or the backwaters of Kavvayi, this lesser known lake of northern Kerala is fed by five rivers. Kavvayi backwaters is named after the Kavvayi island close to Payyannur. It used to be an inland port & a major administrative center during the past centuries and during British East India Company rule.

The Kavvayi lake is dotted with several small and big islands, Valiyaparamba island is the biggest among them and it stretches over 16 km2. The northern portion of Kavvayi lake is also known as Valiyaparamba backwaters. A secluded beach named Valiparamba beach runs parallel to the backwaters on its western side.

Kavayi Beach
Kavayi Beach

From an ecological point of view the backwater of Kavvayi and its surrounding region is considered to be of significance. The Kavvayi backwater is the biggest wetland ecosystem in north Kerala with an area of 37 km2. The backwater and the wetlands are home to a variety of fauna and flora.it is used for watership man training by Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala.

Valiyaparamba is a small island in the Arabian Sea in the Kasaragod district of Kerala state, south India. It is one of the main tourist spots of the district and also a fishing centre.

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