Gandhi Maavu Payyanur

At Payyanur, the historical place for independence movement, the famous Gandhi Mavu at Srinarayanashram planted by Mahatma Gandhi is standing high as the living memory of Indian independence movement. Mahatma Gandhi visited Srinarayana Vidyalayam on 12th January, 1934.

Gaandhi Maavu Payyanur
Gandhi Mavu

It was at the request of Swami Anandatheerthar, Mahatma Gandhi, who was on a visit to Kannur in connection with the collection of funds for the under privileged, visited Ashrama Vidyalayam at Payyanur. Mahatma Gandhi alighted the train at Payyanur Railway Station at about 12.00 noon, reached Ashramam by bare foot. Gandhiji entered the prayer room of the Ashramam and spent some time with the children. Later he wrote in the guest book in Hindi – ” Let this Ashram foster good Harijan Volunteers”.

The Malgoa Mango Tree plant kept ready by Swamiji was planted by Gandhiji at the South side of the Ashram and supplied water to it. Swamiji and the residents of the Ashram nurtured the Mango Tree and known it as Gandhi Mavu. Gandhi Mavu is now completing 70 years.

It was in 1998, the Gandhi Smrithi Mandapam was erected near the Gandhi Mavu. After the expiry of Gandhiji, Kelappaji brought the “Chitha Bhasmam” of Gandhiji and was handed over to Swamiji. Swamiji preserved this “Chitha Bhasmam” in his room. This “Chitha Bhasmam” was deposited under the Smrithi Mandapam.

As a memorial to the independence struggle, Gandhi Mavu is standing high.

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